Create android app for your wordpress website

You can now convert your wordpress websites and blogs into an android app with our services.

WPInAndroid Features

Dark Mode

Both Light and Dark Theme Modes are available.

Push Notification

Notify users automatically when there is a new post.

Google Sign-In

Users can sign-in and interact with app with Google.

Instant Customization

Customizations made in the admin panel are instantly published.

Related Posts

Show users related posts they want to read.


Users can bookmark posts they want to read later.

WPInAndroid Features

Admob Ads

Increase your revenue stream with Admob Ads.

Google Analytics

Understand your users with Google Analytics Integration.


Users can comment on posts and reply to comments.

Material Components

App is built with Material Components and Google design guidelines.

Splash Screen

Show a fancy splash screen with app icon.

Search Using Voice

Search the app with text and voice input.

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